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52-year old victim of home invasion loses battle for his life

Wave of home invasions continues, with members of an Albanian gang named as the primary suspects

Alexandros Stamatiadis, the 52-year old victim of an attempted home invasion in Kifisia, a suburb of Athens, lost his life on Friday, April 20, following injuries he sustained during the robbery.

Just days after the highly-publicized incident where an 88-year old man shot would-be intruders to his home, for which he is now facing criminal charges, another home intrusion ended up resulting in a tragic loss of life.

52-year old Greek businessman Alexandros Stamatiadis was attacked and shot in his home in the well-to-do Athens suburb of Kifisia by robbers during an intrusion in the early morning hours of April 2. Since that incident, Stamatiadis was being treated in the intensive care unit of the Georgios Gennimatas Hospital, having suffered serious injuries to his liver, lung, and right kidney after having been shot twice in the back by the robbers.

Despite almost three weeks of treatment, Stamatiadis unfortunately did not survive his injuries, and was pronounced dead by doctors this past Friday.

No arrests have been made in connection with the robbery-turned-murder, though police have recently stated that members of an Albanian robbery ring who were recently released from prison are the prime suspects in this crime.

The murder of Stamatiadis comes in the footsteps of the aforementioned home invasion involving an 88-year old man who was able to fight off the would-be invaders, shooting one in the arm. It is he, however, who now faces a spate of criminal charges, while the SYRIZA-led government’s “citizen protection” minister Nikos Toskas has compared self-defense to the “wild west” and suggested that citizens “pretend to sleep” during a home invasion.

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