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84-year old woman beaten by home intruders

Crime wave continues, targeting not only wealthy areas but humble pensioners in poorer districts

The 84-year old victim of a robbery and assault inside her home in the island of Salamina, near Athens.

While the SYRIZA-led government advises citizens to “pretend to be asleep” during home invasions, such invasions are continuing unabated, targeting victims not just in wealthy suburbs of Athens, but also in more humble surroundings.

On April 2, an 84-year old female pensioner fell victim to a gang of home intruders, who forced their way into her home in the working-class island of Salamina, near Athens, beating her in the face and the abdomen prior to stealing her 500 euro pension and jewelry, including a family heirloom, her baptismal jewelry. The victim was transferred by relatives (and not by authorities or an ambulance) to the Salamina health center and then to the Thriasio Hospital for treatment.

This incident took place just days after an 88-year old man in the wealthy Athens suburb of Glyfada shot would-be intruders to his home, an incident for which he is now facing a series of criminal charges. Just a day prior to the robbery in Salamina, the home of a 52-year old man in the well-to-do Athens suburb of Kifisia was invaded by a gang of robbers, who shot the man twice in the back, severely injuring him. Despite three weeks of treatment, the 52-year old passed away on Friday.

Thus far, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident in Salamina or with the Kifisia robbery. SYRIZA’s so-called “citizen protection” minister, has, however, advised the public to “pretend to be asleep” during a home invasion while chastising those who choose to defend themselves, claiming that Greece is “not the wild west” and that the state (which at one time pledged to disband its own violent thugs, known as the riot police) maintains a monopoly on the legal use of force.

In response to these asinine, insensitive, clueless statements from the asinine, insensitive, clueless “citizen protection” minister of an asinine, insensitive, clueless and criminal government, the daughter of the 84-year old victim made the following statement to journalists:

“So we’re supposed to sit and allow them to rob us while we pretend to fall asleep?”

Unfortunately, as far as the “radical leftist” SYRIZA and the “citizen protection” minister Toskas are concerned, the answer, sadly, is probably yes. After all, as stated by Toskas, the government “will not take even a step back in its fight against ‘far-right terrorists’,” their connection to this spate of robberies, of course, remaining unexplained.

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