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AUDIO: Hellenic Insider editor Michael Nevradakis talks Turkey, Macedonia, Grexit on Radio Sputnik

Turkish aggression towards Greece and Cyprus, the Macedonia name dispute, the consequences of Greek membership in the Eurozone and EU and attitudes towards Grexit were discussed

Michael Nevradakis, Hellenic Insider’s “head insider,” was interviewed today on Radio Sputnik’s “Fault Lines” program, which airs on Radio Sputnik US, broadcasting on 105.5 FM and 1390 AM in the Washington DC area.

In this 20-minute interview, Nevradakis covered a myriad of topics pertinent to Greece and Cyprus today, including Turkey’s aggression towards the two countries, the ongoing Macedonia name dispute and its significance to Greeks, the harmful consequences of Eurozone and EU membership for Greece, biased pro-EU and pro-euro polling and media coverage coming out of Greece, and attitudes towards a return to a national currency today.

Listen to the full interview here:

“Fault Lines” is hosted by Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan. More information is available here:

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