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Brief analysis – NATO to Greece: Deal with Turkish aggression on your own

NATO refuses to take a position on detention of two Greek soldiers by Turkey, praises Turkey’s “contributions” to NATO

Whenever I write anything regarding the constant friction between Greece and Turkey, and what to some of us now looks like an inevitable war between these two NATO members, some friends will always question the possibility of such a war as “NATO would prevent it.”

The harsh reality is that NATO will not bother with anything like that, unless it suits the “master’s” interests and if it takes a side, it will be to advance those same interests.

When General Secretary of NATO Jen Stoltenberg was asked yesterday what the position of NATO was on the abduction of the two Greek servicemen now being held hostage in a maximum security facility in Turkey, Stoltenberg’s response was: “That’s a matter that has to be resolved by the two sides.” (Greece and Turkey)

However, the General Secretary, did not forget to thank and praise Turkey for her contribution to the security of the “alliance” and to stress that Turkey is a “valued ally.”

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