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Brief analysis: As Turkey bullies Cyprus, threats towards the U.S. prove to be empty

Erdogan picks on Cyprus but backs down from interfering with U.S. interests in Cyprus’ EEZ despite his fiery rhetoric

This is the situation in Cyprus right now, with the illegal NAVTEXs and NOTAMs by Turkey surrounding the entire free part of the Island.

Cyprus has no navy and no air force, so the “brave” Turks feel confident they will not be opposed in their bullying. Hell, in years to come they’ll be having parades on the anniversary of this day to celebrate their “glorious victory” over Cyprus, just like they celebrate their mass murders of unarmed civilians. That’s about the size of “Turkish bravery.”

The little box on the bottom right of the map, is US interests that the Turks said they are not interested in otherwise they would sink the American 6th Fleet. (Their words.)

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