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“Apocalyptic scenes” in northern Greece as “economic migrants” fight with ‘refugees’ over who gets to head north to Germany

"Apocalyptic scenes" on the northern Greek border where "economic migrants" who are not entitled to leave Greece's provisional camps are fighting with 'refugees' who are entitled to leave, and head ...
Molotovs thrown at police in Athens, mark a bizarre Syriza sponsored protest against the austerity it will enforce [Video]

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Molotov cocktails were thrown at police, who responded with tear gas in the Greek capital's central square as labor union members walked out for 24 hours.
New Democracy MP beaten up by Golden Dawn during Syntagma protest [Video]

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New Democracy MP George Koumoutsakos participated in a protest organized by the Pontian Association of Greece in Syntagma square and go the crap beaten out of him.
War-torn Syrian refugees break through Greek-Macedonian border. Start heading towards Serbia

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5,000 migrants arrived in Serbia on Sunday on a journey further west, after attempts to forcefully prevent the refugee flow from the Greek-Macedonian border failed.
Chaos in Kos. Greek island overwhelmed with Libyan and Syrian migrants, fleeing NATO created democracies

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Thousands of migrants and refugees fleeing Syria and Libya remain locked in a football stadium on the Greek island of Kos, as police struggle to maintain control of the situation.
Greece facing 750% surge in influx of refugees. UN says Greece must try harder to accommodate migrants

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Facing a 750 percent surge in the influx of refugees, the Greek government must try harder to provide adequate care and accommodation for those fleeing war zones, the UN has ...
Keiser Report: While the Greek people got “two faced”, Goldman Sachs CEO became a newly minted billionaire

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Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Greek prime ministers bearing referendums. Privatization schemes move full steam ahead as billionaires and celebrities begin buying up Greek islands on the cheap...all in ...
Doubling down on the same austerity that has crippled the economy [Video]

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Greece will stay on the Euro currency and accept continued government cuts. The Greek people have been forced to double down on the same austerity that has crippled their economy ...
Greek Golden Dawn MP rips up the new Troika memorandum in Parliament [Video]

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Far right Golden Dawn MP, Ilias Kasidiaris harshly criticises the deal Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to during an impassioned speech to Parliament.
Must see Crosstalk: EU “a cartel of unappointed and anti-democratic leaders”

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Quagmire and fiasco are only two words to describe the condition of the European Union and the eurozone after the democratic choice of the Greek people. In the end the ...
The other Greek crisis caught on video…Refugees raid food truck. EU remains silent

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With hundreds of refugees and undocumented migrants arrive daily to Greece from Turkey, the situation has gotten out of control as the video from the Lesvos (Mytilene) shows.
German newspaper editor for Die Zeit calls it…Tsipras won. Even if Greece leaves Eurozone, it stays in EU with ‘access to zillions of money’

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The editor of a major German newspaper, Die Zeit, believes Tsipras' "very clever game of chicken" will almost certainly pay off.
Former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt calls Alexis Tsipras a “false prophet” during his EU Parliament speech

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"We are sleepwalking to a Grexit," former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt.
Nigel Farage’s EU Parliament speech today was simply awesome; “Get back your democracy; get back control of your country” [Video]

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"Your moment has come, Mr Tsipras, take back control of your country," UKIP leader Nigel Farage
Must see video: Greek debt must be written down, but unfortunately EU wants to kick SYRIZA out and replace it

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Again Athens finds itself at loggerheads with its creditors, particularly the IMF. The Greeks appear to be willing to do only enough to stay in the Eurozone, while the rest ...
The IMF’s hypocritical double standards in destroying Greece and then agreeing to fund Ukraine even in default [Video]

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Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr, Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund, explains the IMF's policy toward Greece and Ukraine.
Alexis Tsipras, “Keep Calm…” as currency controls begin this week ahead of historic vote

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Greek leadership will be tested as Alexis Tsipras addressed the Hellenic Republic and urged citizens to keep calm and stay united in what is a financial attack from EU nations ...
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.31.19 PM

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Ruling DISY Parliament Member, Efthimios Diplaros, uploaded his wedding video to youtube in what can only be described as a Hollywood style production that showcases decadence and wealth.
Keiser Report: We are all Greeks now. We are all under banker austerity [Video]

By  793 Views
We are all Greeks now...Max and Stacy discuss the ‘gone people’ of Greece and beyond, as austerity meets an immoveable force of the bankers ever expanding black hole of debt.
Communist Party supporters have occupied Greece’s finance ministry warning the government not cut pension funds [Video]

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Communist Party supporters have occupied the finance ministry in Greece, warning the government not touch pension funds in a bid to pay back its EU/IMF lenders. Greece's creditors want Athens ...
Was European Commission President Juncker drunk or high as he greeting leaders in Latvia? [Video]

By  1,895 Views
Whatever Juncker was taking, it sure sent him into bizarro land during the Eastern Partnership summit in Riga, Latvia.
Boom Bust examines the Greek crisis, its history, humanitarian crisis and Grexit possibilities [Video]

By  820 Views
The Boom Bust team of Erin, Edward, Bianca, and Ameera focus an entire program on Greece, and its place in (or out) of the Euro. The show gives an excellent ...
Troika destroyed Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland for political reasons [Video]

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The Euro and dollar are neck in neck. Unemployment is rampant and many are facing the crisis of whether or not to leave the EU to find work. Some would ...
“The Trail Of The Troika” by Harald Schumann interviews George Papandreou [Video]

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Harald Schumann On The Trail – Talking to Giorgos Papandreou, former Greek Prime Minister. On 6 October 2009, George Papandreou became the 182nd Prime Minister of Greece. Following his grandfather ...
“The Trail Of The Troika” by Harald Schumann interviews Yanis Varoufakis [Video]

By  1,738 Views
Harald Schumann On The Trail - Talking to Yanis Varoufakis. This interview was recorded in June 2014, before Varoufakis became Finance Minister of Greece. Excerpts of the interview have been ...

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