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Cyprus government is inviting Russian companies to take part in hydrocarbon development

This can;t be making the EU poodles in Brussels too happy. Cyprus should be expecting a call from Victoria Nuland anytime now.

ITAR TASS News Agency reports:

Cyprus invites Russian companies to take part in hydrocarbons development projects within the exclusive economic zone of the country, minister of energy, trade, industry and tourism Yiorgos Lakkotrypis said on Friday in his address to participants in Cyprus-Russian Business and Investment Forum.

The forum is organized by chambers of commerce and industry of both nations with assistance of Cyprus-Russia Association of Business Cooperation and the Friendship Society. More than 200 representatives of business communities, experts, political leaders and parliament members are taking part in the event.

The recent forum is held in critical time for the Cypriot hydrocarbons sector, when preparations are under way to announce profitability of Aphrodite natural gas field and receive a program for its development, the minister said.

Cyprus can be a valuable partner for the Russian energy sector players in terms of exploring current and future opportunities for the natural gas infrastructure development and establishment, he added.


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