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D-Day for Greece and the EU. Greek government, “Conditions have matured for a solution to be found at last”

Grexit or EU blowup. We will soon find out if a compromise can be reached between Greece and Germany/EU. If not, then Europe will be entering unknown territory, and Greece…she will be free of the chains, but will need to find a way to keep afloat.

Ekathimerini reports…

“The Greek government has done all it should at every level in an effort to find a mutually beneficial solution,” government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis told Mega TV.

On Thursday, Germany rejected a Greek proposal for a six-month extension to its euro zone loan agreement, saying it was “not a substantial solution” because it did not commit Athens to stick to the conditions of its international bailout.

“We are not discussing the continuation of the (bailout) program,” Sakellaridis said. “The Greek government will maintain this stance today, although conditions have matured for a solution to be found at last.”

In comments to Skai television, Sakellaridis indicated that Athens was awaiting a move from Berlin. “The responsibility now weighs on others,” he said. In view of the pressure being exerted on Athens to reach a swift solution he said, “We have becomes accustomed to them being set by the other side.” “Ultimatums remind us of Peter and the Wolf, each time we’re warned that if we don’t sign, if we don’t agree by a certain date, the end of the world is near.”

The government spokesman also shed light on Thursday night’s telephone conversation between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He said Tsipras noted that the Greek government “has done what it ought to do in order for there to be a mutually beneficial solution” and “made clear what he cannot agree to.”


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