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Damage already done? German satirical TV show host admits Varoufakis middle finger video was a fake

Post originally appeared on Sputnik News Agency.

“My proposal was that Greece should simply announce that it is defaulting…and stick the finger to Germany and say ‘you can now solve this problem by yourself’,” Varoufakis says on the video, raising his middle finger.

Confronted with the video, Varoufakis told German TV:

“I have never given the finger ever.”

Varoufakis denied brandishing his middle finger — known in Germany as the “Stinkefinger” — during a lecture in Croatia where he said Greece should have defaulted in 2010 rather than accept a multi-billion euro bailout package.

“The video was faked, without doubt,” he told German news magazine Der Spiegel’s online version on Monday.

Jan Böhmermann, host of the satirical TV show Neo Magazin Royal, said he wondered how long it would be before he was asked if the footage shown was genuine. “Sorry, Mr Varoufakis, we won’t do it again,” Böhmermann said, admitting the production team had doctored the video.

Varoufakis has regularly traded barbs with Germany, especially with his irascible counterpart Wolfgang Schaeuble, since the leftist Syriza party took power in January pledging to end austerity and renegotiate the bailout terms.


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