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German Finance Minister Schaeuble “feels sorry for the Greeks.” Greek government responds to Schaeuble’s insult

Things are really heating up between Germany and Greece right before the big EU meeting in Brussels commences.

On the one side we have German Finance Minister and chief slave driver Wolfgang Schaeuble…

Asked if the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers would find a solution for Greece’s debt problems, Schaeuble told Deutschlandfunk: “From what I’ve heard about the technical talks over the weekend, I’m very sceptical, but we will get a report today and then we’ll see.”

Schaeuble said Germany did not want Greece to leave the euro zone, but that the new government in Athens had to fulfil the core conditions of its bailout programme and that it was not about finding a compromise deal “just for the sake of a compromise”.

“The problem is that Greece has lived beyond its means for a long time and that nobody wants to give Greece money anymore without guarantees,” Schaeuble said, noting that Athens had to stick to agreed reforms to become competitive.

Schaeuble added that the new Greek government was behaving “quite irresponsibly”right now and that it was no help to insult others who have supported the country in the past.

Of course Germany and the EU have no problem giving money to an insolvent, broke, corrupt, war criminal, ‘bomb your own civilians’ neo-nazi Ukraine…just saying!

Then Schaeuble dropped this bomb…

“I feel sorry for the Greeks. The new Greek government behaves irresponsible.”

For which the Greek government responded directly to Mr. Schaeuble…

“We feel sorry for the Germans, because they have a self-destructive leadership. Of course this is not the first time that Germany has made such choices, as history has shown us.”


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