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Greece expects a large influx of Russian tourists after tragic Sinai plane catastrophe in Egypt

While Egypt’s tourism industry will suffer greatly from the catastrophic air crash over the Sinai, Greece stands to benefit from an influx of Russian tourists.

Via Ekathimerini….

Derek Moore, chairman of Britain’s Association of Independent Tour Operators, said that “the key to air travel… will be the reputation of particular airports. A holiday involving a flight back from a potentially ‘risky’ airport would probably not be seen as OK.”

“The scare for declining markets is that once they emerge from their troubled situation, they might find themselves challenged by a well-established competition,” said Nadejda Popova, airlines analyst at market researchers Euromonitor International.

She added that “Russians traditionally favor such summer destinations as Greece, Spain, Thailand, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria. I will expect that given the events in the Middle East, these will remain preferred destinations.”


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