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Greek government calls on ferry boat operators to start transporting migrants from islands to Athens. Operators promptly go on strike

As refugees and migrants clog up the Greek islands, ferry boat operators are being called in to start shuffling the masses towards Athens.

Ferry boat operators are not happy about the government’s request, but then again what is Greece to do…keep the migrants sitting around on the islands indefinitely?

Meanwhile the ferry boat operators have gone on strike pending a resolution to the latest Greek migrant headache.

Once again Europe, and a “European solution” is nowhere to be found.

Via Ekathimerini…

A request was filed with PNO on Monday by Alternate Minister for Immigration Policy Yiannis Mouzalas and Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Thodoris Dritsas. They want the union to green-light the boats used by the government to ferry thousands of refugees and migrants packed on the islands of the eastern Aegean to the ports of Piraeus, near Athens, and Kavala, near the northern Greek border.

The union’s executive committee was due to meet midday on Tuesday to discuss the request as authorities on the islands warn that an interruption in ferry services could make management of the refugee inflows impossible.


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