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Greek military placed on Orange Alert

Mobilization followed receipt of intelligence that Turkish forces are planning a “hot incident” in Greece during Easter week

The Greek military has been placed on “Orange Alert”, one level below “Red,” and a mobilization of specialized troops is now in effect.

The measure was deemed necessary after intelligence was received that Erdogan’s forces are planning a “hot incident” on Greek territory over Greek Easter week (Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday is April 8).

Both the rhetoric as well as Turkish challenges in the Aegean Sea have been escalating in the last few months and culminated in the hostage taking of two Greek servicemen on the northern land border by Erdogan’s special forces in early March. The Greek soldiers are still being held in a Turkish maximum security prison without having been charged with anything yet. Erdogan uses the soldiers to make indirect references to the eight Turkish officers that have been granted political asylum in Greece after they fled Erdogan’s purges of the military and whom Erdogan demands are sent to Turkey for punishment.

Anti aircraft batteries are now in place in what Greek Brass considers key positions and and all three branches of the military have received their orders after an urgent late night meeting of the Greek Security Council.

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