Friday, August 18, 2017

Hellenic Foundation for Culture opens its 14th branch in Cyprus

The aim of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture is to promote the Hellenic culture and to disseminate the Greek language all over the world. The HFC opened its 14th branch in Cyprus called the Εστία (Estia) Greece-Cyprus.

The Hellenic Foundation for Culture, headquartered in Greece with branches in Europe, America, the Balkans, and Moscow has just launched a 14th branch in Cyprus, called Εστία (Estia) Greece-Cyprus.

The new Estia Centre was approved by the Cabinet of the Republic of Cyprus and has developed an impressive calendar of events gong forward with a variety of lectures, theatrical performances, poetry readings, book exhibitions, and lectures focused on environmental issues.

The new Estia Centre has eleven directors who work with a mandate to foster the development of Cyprus’ cultural heritage, teaching of the Greek language (ancient and modern), and the dissemination of the Greek language all over the world. Ongoing events will display the common cultural traditions of Greece and Cyprus.

The Estia Centre will participate in May’s Thessaloniki International Exhibition, presenting major book publications from the Republic of Cyprus. In December, 2015, an art exhibition featuring Greek, Cypriot and foreign artists is scheduled, entitled: “Christian Paintings from the 10th century until today.”

The Cyprus Estia Centre is lead by Claire Aggelidou, Former Minister of Education and Culture, and President of Estia Greece-Cyprus.


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