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Merkel is scared to death of a Grexit. Makes bizarre statement that Greece will be like Kosovo if it defaults

Didn’t Germany and NATO bomb the hell out of Serbia, and then illegally break off Kosovo into a pseudo-state, in order to give it some of that “freedom and democracy” that only western intervention can deliver?

Anyway…you know Angela Merkel is frightened when she resorts to ridiculous fear mongering tactics like she did the other day when she stated that ‘Greece will become the new Kosovo if it does not sign off on the Troika’s debt deal.’

More specifically, Merkel, speaking in front of her party’s 311 parliament members said…

“I will not let Athens become like Pristina.”

Is this, with or without the NATO bombing Chancellor Merkel?

We understand why the German Chancellor is so scared.

She has been ordered by her US masters during the G1 + “6 vassal states” meeting last week to not let Greece slip away…because a Greece not under the control of the EU is a Greece free to grow and prosper under the BRICS, AIIB and SCO.

This prospect has Merkel looking for a geopolitical solution, to what is a financial hand overplayed by the European Union.


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