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Migrant occupations spread to Thessaloniki

Approximately 60 migrants from Afrin take over central location in Thessaloniki

Dozens of refugees from the town of Afrin, Syria gathered in front of the statue of El. Venizelos at Aristotelous Square, in Thessaloniki, Greece on April 19, 2018.

Approximately 60 migrants, said to hail from the Syrian city of Afrin, have begun occupying the square surrounding the statue of Venizelos on Aristotelous Street in central Thessaloniki. The migrants – a mixed group of males, females, and children – have set up sleeping bags on the grass surrounding the statue in recent days.

Though the migrants are, according to the police, recognized and have in their possession legal papers permitting their legal stay in Greece, the migrants themselves claim to not have any place to live.

According to reports, authorities from the Ministry of Migration Policy, in conjunction with local authorities, are working to relocate the migrants to local camps within the day.

This incident occurs as a larger occupation organized by migrants in the central square of the town of Mitilini, capital of the island of Lesvos, enters its fourth day.

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