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Money talks. Putin plans to invite Greek PM Tsipras to Moscow. $10 Billion lifeline from Russia to Greece may be in the works

Now confirmed from the Greek Prime Minister’s office, that the Russian President has expressed his wish to speak, directly via telephone, with the new Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, within the week.

According to Greek daily newspaper “Vima,” new doors of cooperation are quickly opening up with Russia, of which are scheduled to be announced by the Greek Press Office soon.

The up coming phone conversation between Putin and Tsipras will conclude with an official invitation from the Russian Federation towards the Hellenic Republic, to host the Greek Prime Minister in Moscow.

Their are also various sources in Greece today that are saying Russia is prepared to extend a $10 billion lifeline to Greece.

The proposal from Russia is said to state that “We can give you $10 billion, here and now” and comes in response to the needs Greece has in order to fill an urgent funding gap which will ensure the Greek government has more breathing room to properly complete pending future negotiations with their Europeans partners.

In a meeting with his French counterpart in Paris, Greece’s Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, stated that Greece needed $10 billion to meet upcoming financing needs.


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