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Obama is freaking out that Greece will join the China/Russia camp. US setting up task force to help Greece with its debt

The US has clearly understood what is at stake with the new government in Athens if a solution to Greek debt cannot be found.

After President Barack Obama’s statement on Greek debt (made during his CNN interview) called for relief not more austerity, the US President is now aiming to send a team to Athens in order to discuss the debt burden in more detail with the SYRIZA government.

According to various Greek government sources, the US team will consist of high level American officials from the United States Department of the Treasury, who are well versed in the ongoing Greek debt crisis, and participated in previous missions with Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

The US team, or “Task Force,” will aim to undertake and mediate discussions between Athens and Brussels, in order to find a workable, mutually beneficial solution to the Greek debt crisis…and put an end to the constant ‘can kicking’ that has ravaged Greek society under the burden of EU austerity for the past eight years.

Why the sudden US interest? The answer is China, Russia and the BRICS world order, which is a natural fit for Greek growth and and prosperity outside the framework of the EU dictatorship model.

On his first official state visit to Cyprus, new Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, had this to say when asked about the possibility of receiving financial support from Russia…

“We are in substantial negotiations with our partners in Europe and those that have lent to us. We have obligations towards them. Right now, there are no other thoughts on the table.”

The key word in Tsipras’ statement being “right now”.  If no solution can be found with Athen’s western/EU partners, then a pivot towards Euroasia and the BRICS nations is a distinct possibility.

Tsipras made it crystal clear that without Greece and Cyprus, both the European Union and the Eurozone will lose its geo-political southeastern flank. Greece and Cyprus are key anchors of stability in a region surrounded by color revolutions, ISIS, and constant war.

A few hours after these statements, the US announced its plans to set up it’s Greek debt “Task Force”.

The time of arrival for the American experts to Athens – according to senior officials at the US Treasury – will depend on talks between President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, set to take place in Washington next Monday.


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