Monday, July 24, 2017

Over 96% of Greek citizens polled strongly support Russian energy cooperation and investment

Large and wildly popular Greek news site,, has published the results of a recent online poll asking Greek citizens if they would like to move forward with Russian energy investments and projects inside Greece…a policy that will almost certainly anger many unelected Brussels officials.

Alexis Tsipras once again puts into play the Russian investment game in Greece, leaving the window open for the creation of a Greek natural gas pipeline…a move that will bring financial benefits to the asphyxiated Greek economy, and will undoubtedly strengthen its geopolitical position.

Many Greek political analysts believe that Russia’s blossoming cooperation with Greece will open up vast energy and political channels deep into Europe and the greater Southern European region. recently polled Greek citizens to ask them their opinion as to whether Greece should open up its energy doors to Russian investment.

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The Poll…

Tell us your opinion: Do you believe that Greece should open its gates to allow Russia’s entrance into the Mediterranean region.


Yes: 8,375 / 96.35%
No: 275 / 3.16%
I don’t know/I will not answer: 42 / 0.48%

The basic conclusion that comes out of Alexis Tsipras’ meeting with Vladimir Putin a few weeks ago is that Greeks overwhelmingly want to build stronger ties with Russia.


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