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RT gaffe, displays occupied pseudo-state north flag, instead of Republic of Cyprus flag

RT misrepresents the Republic of Cyprus.

In a TV report on the mass expulsions of Russian diplomats from EU member states, RT listed the European Union countries that had refused to partake in the ridiculous process of expelling Russian diplomats over a UK poisoning hoax when next to the name of Cyprus, the illegal flag of the pseudo-state north was displayed.
Lobby for Cyprus rightly tweeted the error, and corrected the media outlet…

Please note error in your news report @RT_com @RTUKnews – the correct flag of Republic of #Cyprus consists of a map of the island with olive branches. Flag you mistakenly used is that of the legally invalid Turkish occupation regime in the north of the country

Cyprus enjoys historically friendly and brotherly relations with Russia, and we hope that RT will correct the error promptly.

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