Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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According to FT, Greek banks are considering a depositor bail-in that could see deposits above €8,000 haircut by "at least" 30%.

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Jeroen Dijsselbloem feels bad for Greeks and for the entire Greek crisis. You'll find no sympathy for the EU banker's number one hitman from twitter users.

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It's almost like the 1980s in reverse, but this time it is the West that's suffering from a soft power deficit and self-confidence crisis. Should the European Dream perish, will the Eurasian Dream take its place?

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Why did the IMF go through 5 months of ‘negotiations’ with Greece in which they refused any and all restructuring, only to come up with a paper that says Greece desperately need restructuring?

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Under the immense pressure of capital controls and Europe turning the screws (in what can only be described as a financial declaration of war against Greece), Alexis Tsipras has sent a letter declaring his surrender.

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Greece asked for a new bailout program from the euro region hours before its existing aid agreement expires and pushes the nation toward a default.

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Another agreement has been put in play this morning which sees the creditors possibly cutting Greece's debt and most important, sending the IMF home, packing. A deal may come by midnight tonight.

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The word ‘crisis’ originates from Ancient Greece. It’s a medical term; Hippocrates wrote extensively about ‘crisis’ being the key turning point in disease progression - the time at which it either overcomes the patient, or it subsides.

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The Greek referendum is worded in a way that allows very little room for Syriza opponents and EU oligarchs to turn the vote into a referendum on the Euro itself, which has proven to be a successful approach in the ...

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Greek leadership will be tested as Alexis Tsipras addressed the Hellenic Republic and urged citizens to keep calm and stay united in what is a financial attack from EU nations towards Greek sovereignty.

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Greece is the first victim of fake math. If rates were "normalized" tomorrow the entire financial system would collapse under the weight of the basic mathematics.

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Athens should have just asked the IMF to give it the deal it extended to Ukraine. Problem solved.

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After 2010, the collapse of the Greek economy accelerated. The big question was whether this collapse was inevitable? Short answer, yes it was inevitable...but everyone involved preferred to kick the can just a little bit longer.

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As Greece struggles to avoid a default to the IMF on debt which was incurred just so German banks can remain solvent, the IMF announces, yet again, that it will lend to Ukraine even if it defaults on its loans.

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Eurozone leaders are to convene on Monday for an emergency summit to discuss the Greek crisis after eurozone finance ministers meeting in Luxembourg on Thursday failed to make any progress toward breaking an impasse between Greece and its creditors as ...

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Oliver Stone presents a different narrative of the Greek debt crisis...as he warns his Facebook readers to not believe what the US media reports regarding Tsipras and Greece.

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Greece lurched closer to an exit from the euro as a meeting of finance officials to reach a deal over aid dissolved in acrimony, forcing leaders to call for an emergency summit for Monday.

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New Democracy suggested Tuesday that the government has no intention of seeking an agreement with the institutions and is instead focused on a rift that could lead Greece out of the euro.

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As Greece and its creditors head for a showdown that’s raising the spectre of the country’s exit from the euro or the imposition of capital controls, crisis-hardened company executives, say the drawn-out crisis has prepared them for the worst.

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Greece will not be presenting any new proposals at a meeting of European finance ministers this week. The Athens government remains firm in its red lines (pensions and VAT), risking even default to hold true to its election promises.

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Should no deal surface within the next two weeks, Athens will undoubtedly have to implement some sort of capital controls.

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Greek newspaper Real News reports that Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has estimated that a Grexit would cause the international economy a trillion euros in losses, besides, there will be a considerable political damage as “the investors, stockholders and citizens ...

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Greece could only be so lucky to leave the eurozone. Greece has a prosperous future outside the eurozone as an independent, sovereign nation. The EU is a tide that does not lift all boats, but sinks even the best of ...

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The EU bailout did nothing but bail out banks while forcing a a six year depression on Greece. Its time for Athens to cut the debt loose and move on to better days faraway from the corrupt, sinking eurozone.

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Greece's economy is falling apart. The numbers are scary with 59 businesses and 613 jobs lost every day. Suppliers are demanding cash up front.

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