Monday, July 24, 2017


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Large and wildly popular Greek news site,, has published the results of a recent online poll asking Greek citizens if they would like to move forward with Russian energy investments and projects inside Greece...a policy that will almost certainly ...

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Greece is poised to sign a gas deal with Russia as early as Tuesday which could bring up to €5 billion into the depleted Greek coffers. EU and US neo-cons will not be happy about this latest Greek move.

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Alexis Tsipras is looking to ease any concerns that his visit to Moscow may have raised among Greece’s European partners, saying that although Russia was a “strategic choice” for Athens, the Greek government would seek to solve its debt problem ...

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The Russian government is willing to hold talks with Greece on the possible allocation of new loans and a discount on the price of gas, the Kommersant newspaper reports.

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According to experts, Greek energy minister's visit to Russia signals Athens' desire to become an important element of the Turkish Stream pipeline project. Turk Stream will make Greece into an energy hub within Europe...if they play their cards right.

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While the US, and its EU vassal states, spend their time dealing with Middle East blowback and propping up neo-nazi's in Ukraine, Russia is busy making deals with Cyprus and Egypt. Both countries border the Mediterranean Sea, a strategic body ...

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Cyprus can be a valuable partner for the Russian energy sector players in terms of exploring current and future opportunities for the natural gas infrastructure development and establishment.

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Azerbaijan is uniquely poised to assist Russia in its planned ‘Balkan Stream’ gas pipeline through Greece, but it would need to receive tangible economic benefits in exchange for its pivotal cooperation.

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