Monday, July 24, 2017

Goldman Sachs

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For every loser there is a winner, and in the case of Greece and its tragedy, just as millions are about to lose everything, a few not only made billions but quietly, under the guise of "sovereign bailouts" transferred their ...

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While the stalemate between Greece and the EU (Germany in essence) continues to drag on, Greek citizens appear to be even more weary of Europe and more in tune with Russia, Eurasia and the sovereign leadership coming from the East.

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In 2010, a panel of Financial Times experts were asked to rank Europe's finance ministers. Greece's then finance minister George Papaconstantinou was found to have the best political skills among the 19 EU ministers and got an over 8th rank ...

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Greece is set to make its next repayment to the International Monetary Fund Monday, further depleting cash reserves that risk running out this month unless a deal is reached with European partners.

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