Friday, August 18, 2017


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Vice President of the European Central Bank Vitor Constancio openly admitted that the threat of kicking Greece out of the euro zone during the spring negotiations was “never for real” because it would not be legal.

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Grexit (a potential Greek exit from the eurozone) officially joined on Thursday in a quarterly update of popular phrases.

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Yanis Varoufakis in El Pais interview: "Fiscal waterboarding: I am very proud of this term. It is a precise, an accurate description of what has been happening for years now."

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The narrative now being devised in Athens to reconcile the harsh and brutal new memorandum is getting wilder by the day. The reality to what was offered, what was taken, and what could have been for Greece is much simpler ...

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German Finance Minister Wolfgang questioned whether Greece will ever get a third bailout programme just one day after the Greek parliament passed a memorandum of brutal austerity measures required to open negotiations on financial aid.

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Is it as simple as Brussels elite 1% punishing all of Greece for going ahead with a referendum and daring to disobey the rulers of Europe? This tweet suggests that was the case. You decide.

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Finland's Finance Minister Stubb said that, "I think we’re very far away from the types of conditionality that we need. If this was a negotiation from one to 10."

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Eurozone finance ministers were trying to draft a joint statement on Saturday listing further measures they want Greece to take in order to launch negotiations on a debt bailout for Athens, but talks broke down among disagreements between various rival ...

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A sceptical euro zone finance minister block led by Germany demanded on Saturday that Greece go beyond painful austerity measures accepted by Greek PM Alexis Tsipras if he wants them to open negotiations on a third bailout for his bankrupt ...

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Did Germany kick Greece out of the Eurozone, conditionally, for 5 years, quarantine it, and treat it as a third-world country until 2020?

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Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is faced with the ultimate dilemma: accept German-advocated austerity measures opposed by hardliners in his own party or take his country out of the euro.

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The European Union's failure over Greece is in full swing. If the Greeks vote no, a Greek exit is possible and the European Union is fully to blame for its choice to inflict exit as punishment.

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Under the immense pressure of capital controls and Europe turning the screws (in what can only be described as a financial declaration of war against Greece), Alexis Tsipras has sent a letter declaring his surrender.

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Economists around the world are sounding off and the verdict is that they are condemning the EU and Troika for its punitive stance and ridiculous proposal that would inevitably result in a deeper downturn. The EU is showing its true ...

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Cameron has promised a UK referendum on EU one at Brussels questions the policy. Greece decides to hold a referendum and EU / IMF / ECB move quickly to punish the country.

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EC President Juncker today warned Greece, "You shouldn’t commit suicide because you're afraid of dying. You should say 'yes' regardless of what the question is."

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Again Athens finds itself at loggerheads with its creditors, particularly the IMF. The Greeks appear to be willing to do only enough to stay in the Eurozone, while the rest of Europe is willing to offer it just enough support ...

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Austria's Finance Minister is confident that Greece’s exit from the Eurozone is an unlikely option. We will soon find out as the people will decide this Sunday.

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With no deal in sight, and Greece checking out of another Eurogroup meeting in disgust, Alexis Tsipras may have another problem to worry about...losing power amidst the EU's financial blackmail.

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The EU has no viable future. From Grexit to Brexit and now Frexit...Brussels' leaders are corrupt and power hungry to the core, and this will ultimately lead to their demise.

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The IMF just killed any chance of a Greek deal being reached. Greek negotiators may now be forced to enact pension cuts, or else the Troika will be able to wash its hands of a Greek default and pour money ...

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The EU has no real leverage on Greece and Tsipras knows it. This is not about fiscal policy or debt...this is about Merkel and her US rulers not allowing Greece to pivot east under any circumstances.

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Oliver Stone presents a different narrative of the Greek debt he warns his Facebook readers to not believe what the US media reports regarding Tsipras and Greece.

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Greece lurched closer to an exit from the euro as a meeting of finance officials to reach a deal over aid dissolved in acrimony, forcing leaders to call for an emergency summit for Monday.

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Greek newspaper Real News reports that Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has estimated that a Grexit would cause the international economy a trillion euros in losses, besides, there will be a considerable political damage as “the investors, stockholders and citizens ...

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