Sunday, June 25, 2017


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Greece’s reform proposals are strikingly similar to the ones Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected at a referendum only earlier this week. Yet, there are a few differences, some crucial and others less substantial.

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Fidel Castro has sent congratulations to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in connection with results of Sunday’s referendum on an agreement with creditors on untangling the country’s sovereign debt.

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In a sudden and unexpected resignation, via Twitter, Yanis Varoufakis is out as Greece's Finance Minister. The move was mutually decided upon by both Tsipras and Varoufakis, in order to help move along the negotiation process with creditors.

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OXI wins big. Greeks are now looking at Tsipras to deliver a deal that provides a future for Greek citizens

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Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts believes today's Greek vote will determine liberty or serfdom for Greek and European citizens.

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Whatever the outcome of tomorrow's referendum, July 5th will be going down in history, for all the bad and good it will usher in. The world order may never be the same after tomorrow.

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Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has dismissed the Financial Times media report of a planned haircut on Greek bank deposits.

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Jeroen Dijsselbloem feels bad for Greeks and for the entire Greek crisis. You'll find no sympathy for the EU banker's number one hitman from twitter users.

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The Troika is doing everything in their power to rig the Greek referendum. The EU deliberately closed the banks to punish the people of Greece, and to show them what exiting the euro means.

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Declaration of Professors of Economics at Greek Universities on the referendum as to whether Greece should accept the final proposal delivered by EU/Troika creditors.

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Yanis Varoufakis said Greece won’t “extend and pretend” that it can pay its debts, vowing to quit as finance minister if voters don’t support him in Sunday’s referendum.

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Greek voters are almost evenly split, with the YES vote showing some early signs of pulling ahead, before a referendum on EU creditor's austerity deal takes place in three days

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The European Union's failure over Greece is in full swing. If the Greeks vote no, a Greek exit is possible and the European Union is fully to blame for its choice to inflict exit as punishment.

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The crisis ballot on a European bailout proposal comes down to 68 word question and two financial / technical documents that may have Greek citizens a bit confused as to what happens after the referendum results are announced.

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The word ‘crisis’ originates from Ancient Greece. It’s a medical term; Hippocrates wrote extensively about ‘crisis’ being the key turning point in disease progression - the time at which it either overcomes the patient, or it subsides.

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The Greek referendum is worded in a way that allows very little room for Syriza opponents and EU oligarchs to turn the vote into a referendum on the Euro itself, which has proven to be a successful approach in the ...

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Economists around the world are sounding off and the verdict is that they are condemning the EU and Troika for its punitive stance and ridiculous proposal that would inevitably result in a deeper downturn. The EU is showing its true ...

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Cameron has promised a UK referendum on EU one at Brussels questions the policy. Greece decides to hold a referendum and EU / IMF / ECB move quickly to punish the country.

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EC President Juncker today warned Greece, "You shouldn’t commit suicide because you're afraid of dying. You should say 'yes' regardless of what the question is."

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Euro trapped Greece in an economic straitjacket. If Greeks do not put an end to the madness inflicted upon them by the Troika of institutions...Greece will face endless austerity and depression.

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Greek leadership will be tested as Alexis Tsipras addressed the Hellenic Republic and urged citizens to keep calm and stay united in what is a financial attack from EU nations towards Greek sovereignty.

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Greece heads to a referendum on Sunday that could decide whether its future lies in or out of the eurozone, with its banks closed and capital controls in place after the European Central Bank decided not to further increase the ...

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Greek lawmakers on Sunday authorized Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' proposed July 5th bailout referendum, setting Greece on course for a plebiscite that has enraged international creditors and increased Greece's chances of exiting the euro zone.

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A Eurozone official has retorted to tonight's referendum announcement by saying there is "no offer" on the table tonight and creditors are examining Plan B. The war of words just escalated another notch or two before this afternoon's Eurogroup.

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for a referendum on July 5 on the extremely tough economic policies that the country’s creditors want in exchange for more debt funding.

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