Friday, August 18, 2017


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A Cypriot Orthodox human rights center petitioned the republic’s President Nicos Anastasiades to consider establishing a Russian military base on the island, according to media reports.

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For 41 years Turkey has been occupying The Republic of Cyprus, illegally, and violating more than this sovereign country's airspace.

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Greek PM Alexis Tsipras was trying to play Russia against the EU and US. Silly boy....his bluff was called by Putin and even by German FM Schäuble, who told Tsipras to go along and make a deal. In the end ...

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More than 60% of the population of Greece do not support US and EU sanctions against Russia, international sociological company Gallup reported Tuesday.

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Germany and France are facing a new dispute over a new loan program for Greece. French President Hollande and EU President Juncker support the Syriza-run Greek government, but German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble does not believe it’s possible to reach ...

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The Greek media story that Russia refused Greece’s request for $10 billion appears to be an attempt to divert blame from Tsipras...But what it is really going to do is infuriate Putin and the Russian government.

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The Wolfowitz doctrine, the basis of US foreign and military policy, declares that the rise of Russia or any other country cannot be permitted, because the US is the Uni-power and cannot tolerate any constraint on its unilateral actions.

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In Donald Tusk logic...with friends like the European Union who would need enemies like China and Russia?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde discussed the outcome of Greece's referendum over the phone, and the need for a sustainable program going forward

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Russia’s offer of a pipeline came with an offer of a $5 billion prepayment. This was intended to buy Greece time to apply for a loan from the BRICS Bank. However the Greeks don’t seem to be embracing the offer.

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Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has been playing a dangerous game with Moscow and the EU that is now falling apart...leaving Greece with few, if any options, and at the mercy of a punishing European Union.

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Neither NATO nor the EU can afford the political cost of a Greek exit from the EU. The simple fact that Greece will align with China and Russia is reason enough for Merkel and Co to give in to any ...

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sees a bright future in Eurasia. Warns Europe to change its ways, lose its ego, and stop acting like a "hub of the universe".

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Moscow and Athens will construct an extension of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, as a memorandum on construction has been signed on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras looks set to play the Russian pivot card, as a working meeting between the Greek PM and Russian President Vladimir Putin is now scheduled for Friday in St. Petersburg. Goodbye EU, hello BRICS?

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The EU bailout did nothing but bail out banks while forcing a a six year depression on Greece. Its time for Athens to cut the debt loose and move on to better days faraway from the corrupt, sinking eurozone.

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Greece is among a number of European nations that remains committed to developing ties with Russia, despite a sanctions regime currently in place and a general Cold War-era atmosphere driven by the US and Germany.

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The US State Department special envoy has ordered Greece to halt its participation in the Turk Stream project. Athens is holding firm to its commitment to Turk Stream, but with G7 this weekend, many sources expect Obama to order his ...

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Washington's view toward extending Russia’s Turk Stream gas pipeline to Greece is negative, but the stance of Athens on the matter will remain unchanged according to Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis.

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Not since George W. Bush (Bushisms) have we seen a world leader say so many ridiculous, mind numbing things...until now. The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatseniuk, is a wealth of stupidity. Share your favourite #Yatsisms with us.

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Greece's Defense Minister revealed he was asked by the US to prolong anti-Russia sanctions. Athens told the US that Russia is a strategic ally and the sanction war is causing it an estimated loss of €4 billion a year. No ...

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Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said on Friday that he planned to propose the creation of a new NATO air base in the Aegean in an upcoming visit to the US.

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Greece has been invited by Russia to become the sixth member of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB). The question is, how will Prime Minister Tsipras play this latest hand?

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The Deputy Finance Minister of Russia, and representative of the new BRICS Bank has confirmed that Greece has been invited to join the new development bank, and even floated the idea of a Greek Rouble payments/exchange system going forward.

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With Russia set to advance Greece $5 billion against the future potential profits from its portion of the Turk Stream pipeline, The US sent its energy envoy to Greece to scare (and probably bribe) Athens into not building an economic ...

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