Thursday, June 29, 2017


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A study in 2012 suggested that up to 30 billion euros of revenue goes uncollected every year in Greece.

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A new bill is set to be presented to Greece’s Parliament as a part of the new EU memorandum. The bill is set to place taxes on everything.

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Yanis Varoufakis in El Pais interview: "Fiscal waterboarding: I am very proud of this term. It is a precise, an accurate description of what has been happening for years now."

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Government officials and envoys representing Greece’s international creditors are to continue with tough negotiations on Monday in a bid to hammer out the outlines of a third bailout program even as opposition to further austerity is creating turmoil in SYRIZA.

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Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras has sure changed his tune. Elected on a platform promising to dismantle the Troika and free Greece from EU debt slavery, Tsipras has now fully embraced the Troika + ECB (now called the Quadriga), and is ...

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A quadriga is a car or chariot drawn by four horses abreast. It was raced in the Ancient Olympic Games and other contests. It is represented in profile as the chariot of gods and heroes on Greek vases and in ...

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The full text of a letter Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sent to the Troika: Commission President Juncker, ECB's Draghi, and the IMF's Lagarde regarding the latest Greek proposal.

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The Troika is doing everything in their power to rig the Greek referendum. The EU deliberately closed the banks to punish the people of Greece, and to show them what exiting the euro means.

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The crisis ballot on a European bailout proposal comes down to 68 word question and two financial / technical documents that may have Greek citizens a bit confused as to what happens after the referendum results are announced.

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Under the immense pressure of capital controls and Europe turning the screws (in what can only be described as a financial declaration of war against Greece), Alexis Tsipras has sent a letter declaring his surrender.

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Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras threw down the gauntlet to Greece’s creditors, accusing the International Monetary Fund of “criminal” responsibility for his country’s predicament.

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Greece will not be presenting any new proposals at a meeting of European finance ministers this week. The Athens government remains firm in its red lines (pensions and VAT), risking even default to hold true to its election promises.

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Talks have once again ended between Greece and the Troika with no deal, as Athens continues to stand firm on their red lines of pension cuts and VAT increases.

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Athens threatens default. Europe threatens Athens with default. What a cluster fuck this whole Greek saga has turned out to be.

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Why does the Troika and the EU Brussels oligarchy hate Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis so much...simple, he says the truth. And the EU elite that rule over the millions of European serfs, hate the truth.

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The Euro and dollar are neck in neck. Unemployment is rampant and many are facing the crisis of whether or not to leave the EU to find work. Some would say there's been no recovery at all. Especially those who ...

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Greece, once again, said it would not "renege on election pledges to end austerity measures as creditors pressed for a compromise." The EU was not happy and immediately began to threaten Greece, once again, of a swift exit from the ...

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Golden Dawn leader addressed Parliament, reminding SYRIZA to honor its pre-election pledge and cancel memoranda, “because only then will national sovereignty return” to Greece.

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With Greece facing an equally destructive choice between implementing extremely unpopular reforms or leaving the Eurozone, Greek government eyes are starting to look towards Russia as an alternative source of quick funding.

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Running out time and cash, the European Commission has decided to make $2 billion of unused funds available to Greece to help the country avert a financial meltdown, EC head Jean-Claude Juncker says.

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Athens will have to pony up more than €2 billion in debt payments this Friday to the ECB, the IMF, and (get this) Goldman Sachs, for an interest payment on a derivative and it’s not entirely clear where the money ...

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Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is facing a fierce storm of criticism in his own country after he posed for a photo shoot for French lifestyle magazine Paris Match. In a heated exchange with CNBC Anchor Julia Chatterley, he was ...

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Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has stressed that his country does not intend to leave the Eurozone and all speculations to the contrary are harmful to the ongoing negotiation process with the creditors. And since Greece will not leave the ...

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Greece moved closer to winning an extension of financial aid after the head of the group of euro-region finance ministers said creditors were favorable toward the government’s package of new economic measures. The list of commitments, submitted minutes before the ...

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History is in the balance: Why Greece must repudiate Its "Banker Bailout" debts and exit the euro. Is Greece heading for a financial Thermopylae...and should the new Kings of Persia be kicked down the well?

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