Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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Tsipras (or rather his Twitter PR person) tweeted to Turkey's PM, "Fortunately our pilots are not as mercurial as yours against the Russians #EUTurkey"

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Is it as simple as Brussels elite 1% punishing all of Greece for going ahead with a referendum and daring to disobey the rulers of Europe? This tweet suggests that was the case. You decide.

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Trending all over twitter: #ThisIsACoup #StopBuyingGerman #BoycottGermany #Supportgreece

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German media publication Handelsblatt ridicules the Greek crisis as only the German media can... Twitter users responded appropriately.

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Jeroen Dijsselbloem feels bad for Greeks and for the entire Greek crisis. You'll find no sympathy for the EU banker's number one hitman from twitter users.

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Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the international creditors didn’t accept the new Greek proposals prior to another round of negotiations on Wednesday. Fears are escalating Greece could default and leave the eurozone.

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What was Yanis Varoufakis thinking? He may not wear a tie and act laid back and cool, but at the end of the day he appears to be just like all the other elite 1%. This photo shoot shows that ...

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US Ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus, John Koenig was forced to issue a clarifying statement on Monday, after a series of tweets on Sunday, about President Anastasiades’ Russia visit, sparked a hostile reaction from Anastasiades, the Archbishop, the political ...

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