Friday, August 18, 2017

The IMF’s hypocritical double standards in destroying Greece and then agreeing to fund Ukraine even in default [Video]

Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr, Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund, explains the IMF’s policy toward Greece and Ukraine.

Via Worlds Apart…

The Greek and Ukrainian debt crises have highlighted the torment that countries can face when left with no choice but to resort to a bailout from international institutions such as the IMF. With funds conditional on painful austerity measures and governance reforms, the social and political consequences can cut deep. But are these measures always effective, or even benevolent? And can alternatives such as the rising BRICS bank offer a more reasonable solution?

We can not forget that the IMF is proactively working to suffocate and impoverish Greece, while on the flip side stated it will fund Ukraine no matter what…even in default, civil war, and while under a neo-nazi, coup regime.

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