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Brief analysis: As Turkey issues threats, NATO asks Greece to chase after Russian submarine

The EU and NATO perpetually fail to protect their member states in the face of Turkish aggression

At a time when the Greek Navy is stretched to its limits to protect the country’s territory from the escalating violations of airspace and territorial waters by the Turkish military, NATO that turns a blind eye to Turkey’s daily provocations, threats and cowardly abductions of Greek servicemen from Greek soil, has the audacity to ask of the Greek Navy to commit time and resources to trace and track a Russian submarine.

The Russians are not a threat to Greece, they never have been; they are not the enemy of the Greek people but their historical friends. On the other hand there are the Turks who vow that the Turkish flag will be hoisted at the Parthenon in Athens.

Whatever the game of our western “friends and allies” is, can only be guessed at, based on their repeated betrayals of the Greeks throughout history.

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