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Was European Commission President Juncker drunk or high as he greeting leaders in Latvia? [Video]

It all started when European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker greeted Greek PM Alexis Tsipras with some neck tie shenanigans. In a clear jab at Tsipras’ tieless fashion sense, Juncker took things a bit overboard, grabbing hold of his own tie and pretending to place it on Tsipras’ neck.

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It was bizarre to say the least…and that was just the beginning.

Reporters froze when they heard Juncker address Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as ‘Dictator.’

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Then things got even weirder when Juncker playfully slapped Orban on the cheek and then started, for lack of better words, getting touchy feely with Donald Tusk who all the while is wondering ‘what the f**k is going on?.’

Finally, and perhaps alluding to his crazy EU army idea he pitched a few weeks ago, Juncker greated Spain’s Foreign Minister with a military salut.

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